If you are going to make a scatter plot by hand, then things are a bit more elaborated: You need to deal with the corresponding x and y axes, and their corresponding scales. Then, you need to identify each pair \((X, Y)\), and locate it on the plane, respecting the corresponding scale defined for each of the axes.
It seems that a "dot plot" can have several variations. In looking up how to create this with Matplotlib, I only came across what I know of as a scatter plot with a data point representing the relationship...
Visualizing data, including bar graphs, pie charts, Venn diagrams, histograms, and dot plots. Analyzing data, including mean, median, and mode, plus range and IQR and box-and-whisker plots. Data distributions, including mean, variance, and standard deviation, and normal distributions and z-scores Several of the students chose the Dot Plot because I think it is the easiest graph to create. However, one of the benefits of using the Dot Plot is that you can see every data point. This is a data set of 20, and the Dot Plot should be used for a small data set. So, this data set is almost too large to use for a Dot Plot.
Lesson 1.1 • Bar Graphs and Dot Plots Name Period Date ©2007 Key Curriculum Press Discovering Algebra More Practice Your Skills 7 1. This table shows the heights of the ten tallest mountains in the world. a. Find the minimum, maximum, and range of the data. b. Construct a bar graph for this data set. Use the ID numbers to identify the ...
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