This is my Mathematica cheat sheet. I keep in it useful things I learn about Mathematica and keep forgetting, and some things I see on the net. If something here is from the net, I try to make sure I put a reference or credit to where I saw it, else it will be something I wrote myself, in that case, all blames to me.
Partial Derivatives. I will use Lagrange's derivative notation (such as 𝑓(𝑥), 𝑓′(𝑥), and so on) to express formulae as it is the easiest notation to These are the the websites which I have heavily referenced to make this revision cheat sheet. I would recommend visiting these sites, especially...
Julia Cheat-Sheet (Updated 24 May 2016) Practice Exam; Final exam will be 13:50, Friday 17 June in the Carslaw labs. Please report to the room your lab is held in (705/706 or 729/730) by 13:30. Bring your Sydney Uni ID. Do you find the various terms associated with the confusion matrix utterly confusing? That there are so many terms associated with a 2×2 matrix, often with overlapping definitions? Well, fret no more as the below cheat sheet is for you. I took disease diagnosis as the use case here.
Jun 06, 2017 · Cheat Sheet MAT230 Non-linear di erential equations { Tommy Odland {Last edit: June 6, 2017 GENERAL NOTES BPreliminaries The general framework for ODEs is x_ = f(x); x(0) = x 0: { Time is just a variable x i, and higher-order derivatives can be reduced to rst order deriva-tives by introducing new variables. { A well posed problem has a unique ...
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