Q. This specialized cell is loaded with mitochondria so the cells have plenty of ATP to avoid fatigue. answer choices. Smooth Muscle. Q. These specialized cells contain a large number of chloroplasts for absorbing light. answer choices. Nerve Cell.
Specialised Cells. Related Topics: More Science Lessons (KS3) Math Worksheets. Specialized Cells: Significance and Examples Explore some examples of specialized plant and animal cells. How specialized cell structure suits their function?
Specialized Cells (continued). 2. Watch the step-through version of each animation a second time to learn more details about the cell's structures and ­functions. Complete the chart below.Answers will vary. Sample answer: The robot would need a ball-and-socket joint. A ball-and-socket joint allows movement in all directions. 21. Answers will vary. Sample answer: Dense bones that are filled with marrow weigh more than hollow bones. Because most birds fly, they need lighter bones. So, birds’ bones are hollow. 22. Sample answer ...
Skeletal Muscle Worksheet Complete the description of the microscopic anatomy of skeletal muscle: The plasma membrane of muscle cells is called the Inside, there are rod-shaped bundles of protein filaments with alternating A and I bands called The overlap of these filaments makes the cell look striated.
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