Getting a locking gas cap requires me to carry another damn key, and then a possible CEL for using a non OEM gas cap. ... $15 Stant 10504 Locking Fuel Cap ...
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Yes, keyed-alike locking fuel caps for multi-tanked vehicles or two car families are available from Stant. Look up the applications in a catalog at your favorite Stant retailer. Simply change the first two digits of the 5-digit Stant part number from 10xxx (for a boxed cap) or 11xxx (for a carded cap) to 17xxx (for a keyed-alike cap). Are there locking gas caps available? Locking Gas Cap. Thread starter BallsDeepInSheep. Start date Aug 26, 2020. There's some kind of plate from beneath that gets tightened with the security key. Might be a bit awkward but a small price to pay for what it accomplishes Just CAN NEVER lose those...
Stant locking gas cap lost key removal... Don't steal gas. Gas cap unlocked when key is broken or lost - Продолжительность: 1:24 Roger Chacon 81 815 просмотров.
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